Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Well on Oct. 28th 2009 my avatar rezzed in secondlife. I wasn't new to SL but new to being a child avi. When I rezzed I was welcomed by to wonderful people Airen and Sasy, who at that moment became my Dad and Mom.

*Daddy & Mommy*

I couldn't have picked or been picked by more perfect parents almost 1yr ago. When my daddy and mommy found my SL had not been a nice place. I thought it might just not be for me, but over this past year they have given me so much love that I know SL is the perfect place for me. They give up so much for all of their kids b/c they love us so much. Every minute they have is SL is spent with us. We had some rough times this past year but we made it through as a family. Being their baby girl they have taught me so much. I couldn't imagine this past year without either one of them in it.


There is so much I can say about him. I have one of the most protective Dad's in SL and I love him for that. No one will ever hurt his family. My daddy is there for me when i need him even if it might be just that he is in my heart. Every moment we have together I cherish forever. I know i'll always be his Baby Girl no matter what life brings. God put him in my life as my daddy for a reason and I thank him for that.

You love me for who I am and what I am.
You are there for me when others are not.
You saved me when I thought all was lost.
You pick me up and dust me off when others push me down.
You are my hero, my dad, my daddy forever.
I love you with all my heart always,
forever, and
then some.


She is the strongest woman in all of SL. With all of us kids and my daddy she must be. She is more them a mom she is a best friend. She loves all her kids with all her heart. This woman would take in every kid in SL if my daddy would let her cuz her heart so big. I love all the time i get to spend with my mommy. Being her Baby Girl is so fun (except da time outs) but I wouldn't change it for da world. I would give the world for her.

You have been there for me no matter what.
You love me even when I pull out snakes.
You don't let no one hurt me cuz your the best.
You have the biggest heart I ever seen.
God gave you me and I wouldn't change dat.
I can't believe it has been 1yr so fast.
Always in my heart you is
forever and
then some

So that is how I came to be BabyMickie Sandalwood the Kid with the Best Parents on the Grid for 1yr now. Whoop Whoop

P.S. I Love you Mommy & Daddy Most, Always, Forever & Then Some!

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